Friday, January 25, 2013

I LOVE SwagBucks! 30 Swagbuck BONUS for NEW sign ups!

SUPER-QUICK and EASY way to boost your shopping fund!  If you sign up TODAY and earn the VERY MINIMUM amount of 6 SBs per day, you will have some extra spending money for Holiday Shopping next December!   And imagine how much you could pocket away by being an active SB member! 

WOOHOO!!  It's MEGA SWAGBUCKS FRIDAY!  That means, instead of grabbing the usual 7-20 SwagBucks on a search, you could get 40, 200, 1000, or MORE SBs on a single search!

If you’re not swagging yet, you can easily score 30 SBs just for signing up!


SwagBucks is the fastest and easiest way to earn points redeemable for things you actually CA$H!  It takes just 450 SBs to earn a $5 gift card for Amazon or Paypal and there are HUNDREDS of other gift cards from major retailers (like Starbucks and Home Depot!) and prizes too......and all for FREE!  Think about it.......$5 Amazon gift cards to be used with your amazon mom/prime'll never pay for diapers or wipes again!  LOL

It's so easy to earn SB's too!  There are MANY ways to earn SBs: internet searches, playing games, watching TV, buying from advertisers, and going on crazy code hunts!  But every day, if you do these 5 simple things, you'll earn 6 SBs in about a minute.  No time-consuming crazy code hunts or anything like that!  Just 6 easy SBs added to your account every day!  And 6 x 365 = 2190, right?  That's about $25 in TOTALLY FREE CASH per YEAR!  What an AWESOME way to pad your HOLIDAY FUND!

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NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers)
  • Look on the right side of the SB homepage and click on "NOSO" under "Daily Earning Checklist"
  • Then click on the big red button that says “Start Earning Now”
  • These are just ads that you scroll through (If you're not interested, just click on "skip" under each offer.) 
  • At the end of the ads there will be a "captcha" box, put in the code and you just got 2 SBs!
Daily Polls

  • Look on the right side of the SB homepage and click on "Daily Poll" under "Daily Earning Checklist"
  • Cast your vote for a quirky "question of the day" and get 1 SB!
Download the SwagBucks Toolbar (TOTALLY OPTIONAL!!)
  • (You can still earn SBs even without downloading the tool bar)
  • BUT, if you do download it, every day when you open your browser you earn 1 SB!
Trusted Surveys
  • Earn 1 SB just for clicking on "trusted surveys"  (You don't even have to take any surveys!)
Invite & Earn
  • Every day you can send an invite to a valid email address and earn 1 SB.  AND if the invited person accepts your invitation, you will earn matching SBs up to 1,000!
  • You can print coupons from right from the SwagBucks homepage!  You'll earn 10 SBs for EVERY coupon you print!  That's like 1000 SBs right there!  LOL
And the Swidget!

  • From time to time I will post on the KCM Facebook page that a code or a clue is available on the "swidget".  The Swagbucks swidget is a great place to check for codes and clues and search the internet for SBs!  Simply click on "SC" to see if a code or clue is out there!  You can find the swidget on the right hand side of  The Krazy Coupon Mama blog!

 So, what are you waiting for?!  Start earning your FREE moo-lah now! 


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Also, please take note of the date of this post and the details mentioned. I cannot guarantee that this coupon, freebie, or deal will still be active after a certain period of time as many offers are available only while supplies last, while promo codes and sales are active, and at the sole discretion of the vendors or sponsors. If you have any further questions please contact the company directly.


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