Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm Shopping for FREE at CVS this year!

It has been such a long time since I coupon-shopped at CVS, so this year I am aiming to get back into it and do it for FREE!  Here's how I'm doing it......

Last year Living Social had an offer for a $20 CVS gift card for ONLY $10.  I ended up getting my card for FREE because I shared the purchase link after I bought the deal and I was able to get 3 other people to sign up and buy the deal as well.  (Many daily deal sites offer this feature or at least a referral credit.)  I am going to use this $20 gift card to pay for all of my purchases (and even the sales tax!) and then "roll" the ECB's I earn from any deals for as long as I can!  I'm excited to see if I can make it the whole year buying ONLY the deals I really need and not letting any of the ECB's expire!
If you're wanting to take the challenge along with me, it's not too late to get started!  Just pop in to CVS and purchase a gift card (I recommend a smaller amount like $20 to keep your OOP - Out of Pocket - costs low!) and start keeping track of your spending savings!
Remember that at CVS if the shelves are empty you don't have to go home empty handed and mad!  Grab a rain check ANYTIME while the sale is still going on (just make sure the clerk fills it out completely and accurately with the exact product name and size, quantity desired - my stores normally allow for 6 items max - sale price, ECB deal, limit, etc.) and hold on to it!  Rain checks never expire and you can still earn the ECB's from the deal too.  Usually, when you go in to have the rain check filled, the clerk will just manually print the ECB's after the transaction or they will just deduct the amount from your transaction.  Also, many mgrs will allow you to still use your coupons even if they have expired while waiting for the stock to come back in!  Many stores also have a liberal policy when it comes to redeeming expired ECB's too!   One store in my area will allow a 7 day grace period but the other two stores are not flexible at all and will not accept any expired ECB's!  
Purchase #1 (1/6/13):
Buy (4) Stayfree Pads, 24 ct., on sale ($3.99) BOGO week of 1/6
Use (2) BOGO Free (up to $4.49) Stayfree Product coupon (SmartSource insert 1/6)
Final Price: FREE paid only tax
(And I got a rain check for another 6)
$20 - $0.64 = $19.36


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