Friday, February 14, 2014

10 ct. "Magic Cleaning" sponges ONLY $2.19 shipped!

This looks like a really great deal!  10 ct. "Magic Cleaning" sponges for ONLY $2.19 shipped!  Now, keep in mind these are not the name brand cleaning sponges you may be used to, but the reviews seem to indicate that for the price the quality is acceptable!

Here's what one buyer had to say:

"Overall these are I good deal in my opinion. Let talk about the cons.


Shipping - Shipping takes a LONG time. This makes sense considering it's coming from China, but be prepared to wait. It took about 1 month to receive it. (Minnesota)

Packaging - These were shipping in a bag. Yes, a bag. It looked like a taped up garbage bag. This in turn smashed a few of the sponges, but only a small number (4 or 5). They were still usable.


Cleaning - They seam to work quite well. I wouldn't put them at the same caliber as Magic Eraser, but it's not far behind.

Quantity - You are getting 100. That's a large amount, so plan on a good spot to store them. We're using a few large ziplock bags.

Others (these are neither negative, nor positive):

Size - They are slightly smaller that the regular Magic Erasers. This just means that you will wear them out sooner, but considering the number you get, not a huge deal.

Texture - This might just be me, but they seem 'dryer' than a Magic Eraser. The are unscented and maybe that is why. No extra chemicals.

I've cleaned the bathroom with a few of these and everything was coming out clean. It's not going to remove rust or things like that, but will remove tougher grime. Personally I found it worked best to spray the sponge with a mister instead over soaking it in water."

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