Thursday, June 5, 2014

Old Navy $1 Flip Flop sale!

The annual Old Navy $1 Flip Flop Sale is COMING SOON!

Heads up Old Navy fans!  The 2014 $1 Flip Flop sale is RUMORED to be happening 6/28!  As usual, the Old Navy cardholders will have a special pre-sale day to shop and then usually the following week the sale opens to the public.  Stay tuned for more sale details as ON releases them!

Old Navy cardholders had their special pre-sale last week, and now the public sale kicks off beginning at 7 a.m.* on Saturday, June 29th!   Get there early to shop as it looks like the limit will be 5 pairs of solid-colored flip-flops per person!
These tend to sell out quickly (at least the more popular colors and sizes), but you can always grab what's left and then go back and do an exchange. Just REMEMBER to go back or you'll be stuck with 7 ribbed tanks, I mean, pairs of flip-flops that don't fit or that you don't like. Or so I've been told. 

*Hours may vary by location! 

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