Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's Comin' Sunday!

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Here is the 2014 Coupon Insert Schedule:   Head over to Sunday Coupon Preview to see the previews!

 2 — Redplum & (2) Smart Source
 9 — Redplum & Smart Source
 16 — Redplum & Smart Source
 23 — Redplum & Smart Source
 30 — Procter & Gamble
 7 — Redplum & (2) Smart Source
 14 — Redplum & Smart Source
 21 — No Inserts
 28 — Procter and Gamble

Coupon insert companies carry their own delivery schedule, but most do not deliver on major National holidays or on holiday weekends. Redplum and SmartSource often take random "insert holidays" throughout the year and will not publish an insert.  (This is made up a lot of times when multiple inserts are published in one weekend!)  P&G will publish their monthly insert regardless of holiday, although the date may be off a week or so.

Redplum has chosen to stop newspaper delivery in a lot of areas (most recently the Tampa Bay region) and instead send a very modified insert in the weekly junk mail.

Not getting the inserts in your local paper? See where you can find the P&G and Redplum!

    Reader Question:

    Q: "So I am new to coupons, do they ever change them?  I feel like for the last five weeks or so they all are the same brands, the same coupons."

    A: You will always find the the Proctor & Gamble has the same items, the Redplum will always be stocked with Garnier, Loreal, and pet food, and the Smartsource is loaded with General Mills products. The values may change from time to time but overall, always the same. Coupons may vary with the seasons (more office supplies and sunblock over the summer, more coffee/tea/cocoa/soups in the winter months, more allergy meds in the spring, more weight loss items in January, more candy around holidays, etc.) and if a new product is launching there may be coupons for that item. I always tell my couponing readers not to worry if they miss picking up a paper on the weekends. Coupons are like buses. The same exact insert will be along next week! 

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